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Software Audit Services

Adrialic Audit service provides a health check that will give your organization a clear view of the current compliance status

Software vendor audit increase concerns around compliance and risk of fines. The stakes are high as the entire organization is involved in the process. Engaging Software licensing experts removes the risk of experiencing audit shock.

Adrialic Audit services are available on a proactive and reactive basis. Our experts stimulate the vendor-audit- process and produce GAP analysis report confirming current usage and compliance risk status along with recommendations .

We act as Subject matter experts and offer a “Second opinion” to review any non-compliant vendor audit report, significantly reducing the cost of the vendor’s identified violations.

As an independent vendor, we offer unbiased advice ensuring Software compliance. We work as an extended arm of customers team ensuring they have answers to all the vendor queries,

Our services include:

  • Software discovery
  • License entitlement analysis
  • License compliance gap analysis
  • Software license optimization services
  • Negotiation Support Services

To learn more about our Software Audit Services, contact us.

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