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License Advisory Services

Maximize Value, Minimize Spend

Ever-changing infrastructure and technology is making software licensing complex.Adoption of virtualization, complex configurations of processors and cores, cloud licenses etc. can have major financial implications if licensed incorrectly.

Adrialic license advisory services include the entire gamut of licensing assessment –from on-premises to cloud, licensing optimization engagements, high-level licensing strategy, software compliance and software asset management (SAM).

Our Advisory services:

Software Compliance Advisory services – Software publishers are aggressive with their compliance tactics. On an average every 6 months, an organization gets approached for license compliance. Our experts guide organization in these situations to manage their license compliance, advise them on response strategy, in some cases handling client anxiety, resulting in informed decisions and ease of management of such situations.

Software audit Services – Audit services are available on a proactive and reactive basis. Reactive services are for customers who have been approached by a software publisher and need help. Adrialic will analyze software deployments against licenses available to validate current usage and generate gap analysis .We also nd offer strategic options to mitigate risk.

Cloud Advisory  – Cloud advisory service helps clients evaluate and compare their licensing options when planning a move from on-premise software to off-premise/cloud/hybrid solutions, paying particular attention to key topics such as software licensing use rights, cost optimization, and vendor terms and conditions; including contract analysis.

Benefits we deliver:

  • Eliminate spending on software licenses you don’t require
  • Prepare for your next license true-up or renewal

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