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Contract Negotiation

Enterprise Agreement Renewal & True up assist services

Software Contracts are complex and costly.  The complexity of licensing, virtualization and cloud options and the challenge of renewing an agreement, requires a clearly defined plan for future. Adrialic contract & negotiation services are aimed to ensure you get the best possible pricing, terms and conditions aligned to your business need.

Our Process starts well in advance prior to the renewal due date and includes the following steps:

  • Conduct a baseline review of your licensing
  • Impart clarity on license availability v/s actual utilization
  • Identify license requirement based on current and future needs
  • Suggest licensing options for specific workloads –  core based licensing, O365, Azure etc.
  • Present multiple options with pros and cons of each, based on actual usage data and future needs
  • Educate customer on the pros and cons of options proposed by publisher
  • Recommend negotiation strategies

Our independent and vendor agnostic status allows us to provide 100% unbiased analysis on software investments.

Benefits We Deliver:

  • Eliminate spending on software licenses and  maintenance for software not in use
  • Gain clarity and control on software agreements and renewals

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