Windows Server Essentials 2019 – Update

//Windows Server Essentials 2019 – Update

Windows Server Essentials 2019 – Update

If your small business has 25 or less employees, little-to-no IT support and the need for centralized device management, data storage, and connectivity, you’re going to love Windows Server Essentials.

What’s Windows Server Essentials?

Windows Server Essentials 2019 is the latest edition available in the market today. Windows Server 2019 Essentials will include many of the same characteristics as the 2016 version. Windows Server 2019 Essentials includes the new hardware support and features and improvements like Windows Server 2019 Standard, including Storage Migration Services, System Insights, and many more.

Benefits to small companies remain the same as its predecessor, including,

  • A single license that includes Client Access Licenses (CAL) for up to 25 users/50 devices
  • Lower price point as compared to Other editions of windows
  • Ability to run traditional applications and other features, such as file and print sharing 

What’s not included

Windows Server 2019 Essentials will not include the Essentials Experience role. This simply means that features such as Remote Web Access to the Server, Centralized Client PC backups and Office 365 integration will not be a part of the package.

Microsoft recommends small companies to use its Microsoft 365 Business licensing bundle to access services hosted by Microsoft’s data centers instead of hosting their servers to run their applications and store their files. The price to use Microsoft 365 Business is $20 per user per month which includes Office applications, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online services, along with other services.

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